FAQs - The Fox Festival
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General Info


Who is the organizer?

The Fox Festival is presented by The Fox Magazine, a dedicated source of inspiration for dreamchasers who seek to impact the world and live a fulfilling lifestyle. 


What is The Fox Festival?

The pop-up event showcases a range of forward-thinking artists + brands using an interactive environment, even sometimes virtually.


Where can I pick up my event ticket?

Stay tuned on this. Sign up for our 2020 newsletter to stay connected.




Where is The Fox Festival?

Stay tuned on this. Sign up for our 2020 newsletter to stay connected.


How many people are attending?

We expect a steady flow of at least 75-150 people at any given time.


When is The Fox Festival?



Other Useful Information


What kind of experiences can I expect?

Curated to be unlike any other experience, the event will feature some of the most forward-thinking minds in modern culture to high-energy musical acts to a shopping experience that can’t be missed to art gallery walls and inspirational speeches. The Fox Festival is part-festival, part-exhibition that makes our modern-day obsessions accessible and informative.


Who are the vendors?

Artists, vendors, and sponsors will be announced leading up to The Fox Festival. Follow @thefoxfestival on Facebook and Instagram for real-time updates. Also, sign up for our 2020 newsletter to stay connected.


Can I take pictures or record?

For the most part, you’re welcome to take photos and video at The Fox Festival.


More questions?


For general inquiries please email: info@thefoxfestival.com


For partnership inquiries please email: partnerships@thefoxfestival.com




The Fox Festival has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment of any kind. If a person engages in harassing behavior, event staff will take prompt action in any form they deem appropriate, including expulsion from the event with no refund. Our policy applies to EVERYONE at the event.




The safety and security of our staff, exhibitors, and attendees is our priority. We work closely to make sure corporate security, state, local, and federal law enforcement authorities to identify risks, assess them, and develop security plans for our events. Everyone attending the event should be aware of the following security measures:

  • If you see something, say something.  Report anything that looks unusual, suspicious, or out of place to event staff immediately
  • Remain patient and courteous while following the instructions of event staff and security at all times