Lineup - The Fox Festival
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Elevating the experience with the finest industry talent.

CJ Johnson JR
CJ Johnson JR

CJ Johnson JR is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur, brand strategist and public speaker with experience in a wide range of industries.

Lauren Conklin

Lauren Conklin is a violinist from Nashville, TN. She writes, arranges, and has over fifteen years of performance experience on several tours.

Joanna Kalafatis

Joanna Kalafatis is an actress, blogger, and photographer working out of Los Angeles, California. She’s lived in Athens, Greece and New York City.

Dominique Renee
Dominique Renée

Dominique Renée is a versatile designer who went on to develop her own line of custom accessories while infusing personal experiences.

Izzy Baba Melo

Izzy Baba Melo aka IZZY BM is a fast-rising Afro-fusionist. Izzy mixes AfroBeats, Hip-Hop, RnB, Reggae, and rap to create his own distinct sound.

Reilly Small
Reilly Small

Reilly Small is a passionate photographer, traveler, and nature lover from Western Australia that has visited 7+  countries.

Candy Washington

Candy Washington provides inspiration and entertainment to people around the world by creating unique content from NYC to LA.

Miles Arnell

Miles Arnell is a pop singer & songwriter. In addition to his vocal performances, Miles plays several instruments and has won awards.

Kendra Muecke

Kendra Muecke is a singer/songwriter, writer, actress, and published author that performs under Kendra & the Bunnies.

Paul Herman2
Paul Herman

Paul & Brian Herman cultivated DoubleUp that led them from performing on local community stages in the South Bronx to worldwide stages.

Tanushree Vaidya

Tanushree started her photography career with the wonderful people at Stories by Joseph Radhik in India.

Zoe Rose Headshots
Zoe Rose Friesen

Zoe Rose Friesen is a food writer and photographer based in Seattle, WA. She’s on a mission to make cooking delightful for everyone.

Past Lineup

Lauren Dair | Musician
Lauren Dair

Lauren Dair is a singer/songwriter who moved to Los Angeles to be an actress and began writing + recording her own music.

Can Ahtam | Photographer
Can Ahtam

Can Ahtam is a captivating Los Angeles based Fashion and Landscape Photographer originally from Istanbul, Turkey.

Ozguar S | Photographer
Oz Seyrek

Oz Seyrek is a nostalgic photographer + filmmaker based in Los Angeles, originally from Turkey.

Brandon Bibbins | Photographer
Brandon Bibbins

Brandon Bibbins is a Los Angeles born & raised lifestyle photographer capturing moments of love, landscape and lifestyle around the city.

Deniz H | Photographer
Deniz Hotamisligil

Denis is a multi-disciplinary creative dedicated to creating cutting edge campaigns and strategic solutions for organizations.

Izzeye | Musician

Evolving from different sounds around the world, IzzeYe makes sure to keep his New York flavor in his music.

Miss Glitt3r | DJ
Pia Bernadette

Miss Glitter not only DJs various sponsored fashion-related events, but she is also produced her first electronic music album.

Mike Fox | Photographer
Mike Fox

Mike Fox is a published lifestyle photographer specializing in vibrant lifestyle & commercial photography that reflect his inviting personality.